Health and Medical Tourism in Serbia

Health and Medical Tourism

Health and medical tourism in Belgrade is growing rapidly. Low cost of treatments is the biggest attraction, with procedures saving a minimum of 60 percent or more when compared with US prices. Such attractive prices, combined with a very good reputation for quality specialists, nursing staff, equipment and pharmaceutical products, are what make Serbia and Belgrade as one of the most attractive option for medical tourism in Europe.

Whether you are looking for general surgery, cosmetic, plastic or dental surgery, wellness treatments, eye lasik treatments, botox or laser tooth whitening, it is all here!

Belgrade Private Clinics - Private Clinics in Serbia

Belgrade Private Clinics

Private Clinics

The Serbian medical profession has a respectable reputation internationally, but it is recomended to visit trusted Belgrade private clinic.

Belgrade Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery – Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Serbia

Plastic Surgery in Belgrade

Plastic Surgery

Here you can find specialized clinics for performing safe operations in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery as well as other surgical procedures.

Belgrade Dental Clinics - Dental Clinics in Serbia

Dentist in Belgrade

Dental Clinics

Dentists in Serbia are well educated and trained and they are using modern equipment and materials. Take a look at our list of quality dental clinics in Belgrade.

Wellness & Fitness in Belgrade

Wellness in Belgrade - Beauty Treatment

Wellness & Fitness

There are a number of wellness salons and fitness clubs in Belgrade. Check out the most popular wellness and fitness centers Belgrade has to offer.