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Belgrade is a crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe and is connected to these regions by two major European highways, the E-70 and the E-75. Belgrade is well served by coaches. The two coach stations (BAS and Lasta) have a total of 80 departure platforms and 20 arrival platforms, with a daily turnover of more than 1,400 coaches. Belgrade railway junction is an intersection where 7 main railway lines carrying international traffic and 5 local lines meet.

Belgrade is served by Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG), which is located just 12 kilometers of the city centre. The airport receives numerous flights from European cities and also receives a number of transatlantic flights as well as flights from the Middle East and Africa.

By the construction of the artificial lake and the Đerdap power station, Belgrade came to the center of the most important sailing route in Europe: The North Sea - Atlantic - Black Sea route.

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The Central Railway Station is situated in the city centre, and there are trains available to a number of national and international destinations. View information on train services to Belgrade.
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Danube River Cruise

Belgrade lies on the Danube, a waterway connecting Western and Central European countries to the countries of south-eastern and eastern Europe. It is possible to travel to other destinations along the Danube by ship. Read more

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Serbia is well served by coaches, and the two main coach stations are situated adjacent to one another, in the city centre. Read more