Belgrade Traffic

Traffic in Belgrade

You can get around Belgrade using public transport, taxi or your own car.

Belgrade is a compact city easy to navigate on foot and using the network of public transport services for the convenience of both visitors and residents alike. Belgrade ground transportation consists of trams, trolleybuses, buses and taxis. The best way to explore any city is on foot. Riding a bicycle is an alternative to walking, but Belgrade city centre is not a great place for bicycles. However, there are other places in the city where cycling is highly popular. Such areas include Ada Ciganlija Lake, Kalemegdan Park, Košutnjak Hill and Danube and Sava River Bank.

Public Transport

Belgrade Public Transport

Belgrade has an extensive public transport system. The public city transport in Belgrade consists of buses, trams, and trolleybuses. Read more

Car Rental

If you prefer driving yourself around during your holidays we have some great car rental offers for you. Read more

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Parking in Belgrade

Parking in Belgrade

Lack of parking places and traffic congestion are traditonally annoying problem of all metropolises. Parking places in city center are divided in three zones with time limits. Read more

Taxis in Belgrade

Taxis in Belgrade

Tourists in Belgrade are advised to use the taxi. They are cheap and safe, and can be hailed in the street or called in advance. Fares are metered, so do ensure that the taxi driver is using his meter and that it is correctly set at the start of the journey. Read more