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Belgrade is an ideal holiday destination, but also a perfect stop-off on a longer trip, thanks to the access roads and efficient transport systems that provide excellent land and air links from almost all European cities. Two international waterways, an international airport, the crossroads of Pan-European Corridors 10 and 7, links to the main rail routes and four railway stations make Belgrade the main communications and logistics hub of the region. Connecting Europe with the East as it has done for centuries, and bringing together various cultures and civilisations, Belgrade long ago acquired the title of Gate to the East, Door to the West.

If you are a citizen of EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Israel, Russia, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cuba, Republic of Korea, you can enter Serbia without a visa and may stay in the country for 90 days. Citizens of other countries must obtain a visa from a Serbian consulate before travelling.

Travel to Serbia - Getting to Belgrade

Travel to Serbia - Getting to Belgrade

Getting to Belgrade

Your guide to travelling to Belgrade. You can reach Belgrade in a number of different ways. Options include: plane, boat, train, car or bus.

Getting Around in Belgrade – Public Transport in Belgrade

Getting Around in Belgrade

Getting Around in Belgrade

You guide to getting around Belgrade. You can get around Belgrade using public transport, taxi or your own car. But the best way to explore city is on foot.

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Serbian Customs and Visas - Embassies in Belgrade

Customs and Visas

Customs & Visas

The citizens of almost all European countries, as well as many other countries of the world, may enter Serbia without a visa. However, before travelling, please make sure to check for more details.

Health and Care in Belgrade - Medical Services in Belgrade - Beauty Treatment

Medical Services in Belgrade - Beauty Treatment

Medical Services

As the medical tourism industry grows bigger each year more and more people travel to Belgrade just to take the quality medical services provided in the city in pleasant surroundings. Belgrade's private clinics, plastic surgeries and dental clinics are using modern equipment and materials and they operate by the European standards.

Car Rentals in Belgrade - Car Hire in Serbia - Rent a Car

If you prefer driving yourself around during your holidays we have some great car rental offers for you. Read more