New Year's Eve in Belgrade

New Year’s Eve Celebration in Belgrade

New Year's Eve in Belgrade

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Belgrade's New Year's Eve is one of the most massive cultural and entertainment events in Serbia. A large number of citizens of Belgrade and numerous visitors from the country and abroad gather on the streets and squares for a good time.

According to several regional and international news magazines, papers and news agencies, notably The New York Times, CNN and The Times, Belgrade has become Europe's new capital of cool. The celebration of the New Year on Belgrade's streets and squares has also become something of a tourist brand.

The 2011 New Year's Eve Party will take place at only one downtown stage. The stage in front of the National Assembly of Serbia will feature the popular rock and pop music including: Bajaga i instruktori, Kiki Lesendric and Patibrejkersi (Partybreakers). Bajaga i instruktori (Bajaga and the Instructors) are one of the most successful and influential rock bands of the former Yugoslav and Serbian rock scene. Kiki Lesendric, a Serbian rock musician and the founding member of the popular band Piloti, has recently hold very attractive concert at Belgrade Arena.

Street of Open Hearts

Belgrade has a great heart which is open every year to those who are the most in need of love, attention, but also money. This year money will be raised for the city of Kraljevo, which was damaged by earthquake this year. On January 1st, from noon to early evening, in Makedonska and Svetogorska streets, actors and musicians, acrobats and singers offer a rich humanitarian programme. The manifestation "Street of Open Hearts" has been organised since 1988, when actors from nearby Atelje 212 Theatre wanted to cook food at the Serbian Café and to serve it to all those who had served them during the other days of the year.