The Future of Serbia's energy sector in new investments

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The Future of Serbia's energy sector in new investments

The future of Serbia's energy supply sector is in new investments, opening of new energy supply capacities, new jobs, a gathering in Belgrade heard.

The future is also in "more social security for miners and implementation of modern technologies in the area", Minister of Mining and Energy Petar Škundric stated on Monday.

At the ceremony marking the 140th anniversary of the beginning of Serbia's industrialization, attended also by Serbian President Boris Tadić and Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, Škundric said that the energy supply sector is the key driver of the country's economic development and that the biggest investment cycle in the past 25 years was launched in that area.

“Serbia's main strategic goal in the real sector is a long-term dynamic growth of industrial production, macroeconomic stability and increase of exports and competitive capacity,” said Škundric, adding that Serbia's energy supply sector will achieve its goals.