Belgrade Culture

Culture in Belgrade

Belgrade is the centre of culture and art of Serbia and the whole region.

Belgrade has established itself as one of the brightest centres of culture in the whole region, offering a diverse selection of arts, including music, theater, art, photography & film, dance, theater and museums. Approximately 11 000 cultural-artistic programmes are performed annually in Belgrade, while festivals such as FEST, BITEF, BELEF and BEMUS along with the Book Fair have long time ago gone beyond the national lines and become part of European cultural and artistic stage.

The history of fine arts goes back for many centuries, but in the form of religious paintings. Frescoes and iconostases made by known and unknown artists adorn many orthodox churches. The list of important painters who became famous in Belgrade starts with the romanticist Đura Jakšić, who was also a poet and a bohemian. He was followed by Nadežda Petrović and Sava Šumanović and in the second half of the 20th century by Bata Mihajlović, Petar Lubarda and Mića Popović... If you want to see their work you should visit the National Museum.

Ivo Andric, the only Serbian Nobel Prize winner, left a deep trace in the Serbian literature. He wrote his most important works, "The Bridge on the Drina", right here in Belgrade.

Most of Serbia's film industry is based in Belgrade, and one of the most notable films to be made there was 1995's Palme d'Or winning Underground, directed by Emir Kusturica. One of the biggest film archives in Europe and the world is located in Belgrade and it is opened for all researchers and scientists who deal with the history and theory of film.

Belgrade Museums - Museums in Belgrade

Residence of Princess Ljubica

Belgrade Museums

There are many Belgrade museums to choose from, including the National Museum, the Museum of Applied Art and Nikola Tesla Museum. Explore a wealth of art and artefacts at Belgrade's museums.

Cultural Events in Serbia - Belgrade Festivals


Cultural Events in Belgrade

There are plenty of special annual cultural events that embrace every aspect of the arts. All of the arts are well represented, with theatre, cinema, visual arts and music all being celebrated in annual events and festivals.

Belgrade Concert Halls

The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall

The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall

The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall is modernly equipped, located in central Belgrade. Therefore this is where many of the Orchestra's concerts are held. The remarkable acoustics and the suitability of the venue provide for high quality of chamber music, soloist and recital performances.

Skadarlija - The Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade


The Old Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade

The old bohemian quarter of Belgrade dates back to late 19th and early 20th century. It was back then when its kafane (taverns and restaurants) were a meeting place for many of the greatest figures of the cultural scene of the period. It is often compared with the Montmartre in Paris, both for its appearance and the cheerful, vigorous artists' atmosphere.