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Aca Lukas in Belgrade

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Aca Lukas, one of the most popular folk and rock singer on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, will perform in Belgrade on 3 November this year. This will be a traditional celebration of his birthday, but also a concert promotion of his new album.

Aleksandar Vuksanović, most known as Aca Lukas, was born on 3 November 1968 in Belgrade. He got the name Aca Lukas from: Aca, nickname for Aleksandar and "Lukas" by the famous riverboat club in New Belgrade, where he spent much time performing as a teenager and gained huge popularity.

On his 40th birthday on 3 November 2008, Aca performed at a concert in Belgrade Arena in front of nearly 25,000 fans. He repeated that two years later. On 3 and 4 November 2010. he performed again in Belgrade Arena in front of almost 25.000 fans each night. That brings the total to almost 50.000 people, making him likely the most popular singer in Serbia, especially among younger people.

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3 November 2012 - 9.00 pm


Belgrade Arena


from 12.00 €


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Belgrade Arena

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