The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall

The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall

The Belgrade Philharmonic

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra holds multiple concerts. Its season generally starts in October and ends in June. Its New Year's concert is very popular and is held in the large Sava Centar performance hall in Belgrade. For its New Year's concert, the orchestra is usually conducted by a special guest.

The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall is modernly equipped, located in central Belgrade. Therefore this is where many of the Orchestra's concerts are held. Besides usual orchestra rehearsals, the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall lends itself to soloist's, chamber and other orchestra's performances, as well as to promotions, presentations, jubilees and exhibitions. The hall has exceptional acoustics.

The remarkable acoustics and the suitability of the venue provide for high quality of chamber music, soloist and recital performances. The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall regularly hosts the concerts organized by “Jugokoncert”, students’ concerts by their music schools, then the respective Embassies of such countries as Japan, USA, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Italian cultural center in Belgrade, and numerous national and international chamber ensembles.

The appealing interior of the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall attracts numerous renowned companies to promote their products, present their services, as well as to hold their jubilees. Among those there were the American Economic Chamber, and companies like Roche, Pharma Swiss, Common Sense, "Atika Media" and many others. The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall was is the setting for many commercials and videos.


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The Belgrade Philharmonic

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