Serbia Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Belgrade is developing at a vigorous rate into one of the most attractive investment locations in this part of Europe. The capital of Serbia has attracted more than 3.5 billion dollars of direct foreign investments since 2000, primarily in the service sector, such as banking, telecommunications and retailing, but also in other industries, such as property development and manufacturing.

Since January 2001, Serbia has shown a strong commitment to establishing a modern market economy and re-entering European and global markets. Substantial reforms have been initiated to that end, particularly in creating a business-friendly environment. These include legal and economic reforms in all areas, aimed at ensuring legal security and harmonisation with EU legislation and economic policies.

Foreign and multinational companies have begun to appear on the Serbian market as of 2002. According to the official data of National Bank of Serbia, the institution authorised to report on foreign direct investment (FDI), Serbia attracted over 9 billion euros of inward foreign direct investment in the past three years. The list of leading foreign investors is topped by world-class companies and banks such as Telenor, Philip Morris, Mobilkom, Banca Intesa, AB InBev, and many others.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Serbia is the 3rd most attractive manufacturing and 7th most attractive services destination among emerging economies. Additionally, Ernst & Young recorded over 100 inward investment projects in Serbia in 2007 and 2008 – the 2nd best performance in the South East Europe region.

Foreign Exchange Operations in Serbia

Foreign Exchange Operations

Foreign Exchange

The Law on Foreign Exchange Operations provides rules for current transactions, capital transactions, and payment transactions, the foreign exchange market and supervision.

Financial Sector in Serbia - Belgrade Financial Market

Belgrade Financial Market

Financial Sector

After a notable decline in the number of banks and insurance companies during financial system reform from 2000 until 2005, their numbers broadly stabilized and subsequent changes in annual figures were mostly due to continuous consolidation in the two sectors.

IT Industry in Belgrade - Serbia

IT Industry in Serbia

IT Industry

The sector of Information Technologies (IT) in Serbia has grown significantly over the past decade. This modern industry, especially the business software services segment has provided many opportunities for business development and entrepreneurial activity.

Investment Incentives in Serbia

Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

All companies intending to invest in Belgrade can take advantage of a whole range of financial and fiscal incentives for their projects. For large investors in the electronics, automotive, and IT industries, a special financial package is available.

Pharmaceutical Industry in Serbia

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Serbian pharmaceutical companies have strategically positioned themselves to take advantage of the generic drugs trends. Decades of presence in the Russian market has built trust and loyalty towards Serbian drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Tourism Industry in Serbia - Belgrade Hotel Industry

Belgrade Hotel Industry

Belgrade Hotel Industry

At present, a number of Greenfield projects in the tourism industry are well underway. Yet, many premium locations in downtown Belgrade are still waiting for potential investors.