Setting Up a Business in Belgrade

Setting Up a Business

Business Registration Agency has the competence for registration of business entities, which was transferred from commercial courts and local authorities. The business registration procedure in Serbia currently takes a maximum of 5 days, down from previous 23, and the entire process could be completed in at the Business Registration Agency. The agency has been designed to provide a "one stop shop" service for business registration and has a centralized electronic database of all business entities and their contracts on financial leasing and pledges.

The entire business registration process is simplified and tailored to meet the requirements of the type of a company one wishes to establish. Transparency and low registration costs add to the efficient institutional and legal frameworks for business registration.

Business start-up is further encouraged by ongoing regulatory reforms. The most essential one includes the future law in the urban planning and construction area, which will be fully harmonized with the EU legislation in order to speed up construction procedures.

Company Types - Setting Up a Business in Serbia - Company Registration in Belgrade

Start Business in Serbia

Variety of Company Types

Company types in Serbia are similar to those in developed economies. One can incorporate a business as a Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership or Limited Partnership. The minimum capital required is as low as €10,000 or €25,000 for a Joint Stock Company, and €500 for a Limited Liability Company.

Privatization in Serbia

Privatization in Serbia

Privatization Procedure

Privatization Agency is the central institution in charge of the privatization in Serbia, and is responsible for authorizing, organizing, implementing and controlling all procedures for privatization. The basic methods of sale within the Agency are tender and auction.

Acquiring Land for Construction in Belgrade and Serbia

Land for Construction

Acquiring Land for Construction

Construction land is the land on which structures have been built, as well as the land that serves for regular use of these structures, or the land designated for construction and regular use of structures envisaged by the Urban Plan. Construction land can be categorized as public construction land or as other construction land.