Belgrade - City of the Future

Belgrade - City of the Future

Belgrade and Serbia have improved their investment climate markedly in recent years. The country is declared as the world’s leading reformer, as stated by the World Bank. It represents one of the largest and fastest growing markets in South East Europe, while regulatory and business conditions are improving every day.

Among international business people, Belgrade has quickly regained its reputation as one of Europe’s most enjoyable places to meet and do business. Belgrade’s position is strategically important; the city is located at the intersection of European highway and railway networks connecting Europe with Asia. Lying at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers, it is also easily accessible by river, while the completion of construction of an international cargo terminal is to make Belgrade Airport a cargo hub of South East Europe.

The real potential of Belgrade lies in its educated population, who are ready to accept and implement new technologies, and are more open to learning new languages than in any other country in the region.

Macroeconomic stability, market size, business costs, human resources, geographical location and investment infrastructure are the most important of the many reasons why Belgrade is now one of the most attractive locations for business in this part of Europe.

Choose Belgrade - Serbia Market Potential

Belgrade - Market Potential

Booming Market Potential

One of the main reasons to invest in Serbia and Belgrade is the market potential and the opportunity to export products from Serbia to the whole region of CEE, European Union, USA, Russia and Belarus, which comprise almost one billion people.

Human Resources in Belgrade - Labor Force in Serbia

Labor Force in Serbia

Quality Human Resources

With a unique combination of high quality and low costs, Serbia’s labor force is one of the key factors in reaching a strong business performance.

Living in Belgrade - Life in Serbia

Living in Belgrade

Living Conditions

Excellent housing options, exciting night life, accredited international schools, numerous shopping and fitness pportunities, and friendly people make expats in the city feel at home.

The Belgrade Free Zone - Serbia Free Zone

The Belgrade Free Zone

The Belgrade Free Zone

The Belgrade Free Zone occupies a unique position on the crossroads between Western Europe and the Near East, on the banks of the Danube river.

Belgrade - City of the Future

Belgrade - City of the Future

City of the Future in Southern Europe

In the competition European Cities and Regions of the Future 2006/07, organised by the Financial Times’ specialised magazine Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Belgrade was voted a winner of the competition and declared the "City of the Future in Southern Europe".