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Belgrade and Serbia have improved their investment climate markedly in recent years. The country is declared as the world’s leading reformer, as stated by the World Bank. It represents one of the largest and fastest growing markets in South East Europe, while regulatory and business conditions are improving every day.

There are huge potentials in Belgrade as it is located on major European transportation corridors. Belgrade is located in the heart of South East Europe, at the intersection of the strategic transportation corridors No. 10 and No. 7, which link Western and Central Europe with the Middle East. Lying at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers, it is also easily accessible by river, while the completion of construction of an international cargo terminal is to make Belgrade Airport a cargo hub of South East Europe.

Belgrade offers all investors a high sales potential in international and local markets due to duty-free access for a large number of industrial and agricultural products to the markets of the European Union, USA, Russia, South East Europe and Belarus, which comprise almost one billion people.

One of the key advantages of doing business in Serbia, compared to the majority of other CEE countries, are lower operating costs. Serbia’s tax system is highly conducive to investment, and labor costs in Serbia are comparable to those in South East European countries, while standing at 50% of their level in Eastern European EU member states. In addition, low utility costs help businesses achieve high profit margins.

Choose Belgrade - Invest in Serbia

Choose Belgrade - Invest in Serbia

Invest in Belgrade

One of the key advantages of doing business in Belgrade and Serbia are low operating costs and huge market potential.

Doing Business in Belgrade - Setting Up a Business in Serbia

Doing Business

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The business registration procedure in Serbia currently takes a maximum of 5 days and the entire process is simplified and tailored to meet the requirements of the type of a company one wishes to establish.

Belgrade Investment Opportunities - Serbia Investment Climate

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Belgrade is developing at a vigorous rate into one of the most attractive investment locations in this part of Europe. The capital of Serbia has attracted more than 3.5 billion dollars of direct foreign investments since 2000.

Taxes in Serbia - Belgrade Tax Regime - Tax System


Tax Regime

Serbia’s tax regime is highly conducive to doing business. Corporate profit tax is the second lowest in Europe, while VAT, salary tax, and social insurance contributions are among the most competitive ones in Central and Eastern Europe.

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