Cafes and Bars in Belgrade

Cafés & Bars in Belgrade

Luxury cafés & bars, cafés on a theme, coffee and pastry shops can be found in this section of the Belgrade café & bar guide.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a café and a bar in Belgrade: both serve coffee and alcoholic beverage and some serve food. Many are quit coffee places during the day and noisy, busy and smoky at night. All are open daily from early morning to at least midnight. Cafés and bars in Belgrade are vey often full during working hours just like in the evening every days of week. That may sound unimaginably to people from nation where cafés are full only at the weekend. All around Belgrade café and bar terraces spread onto pavements in the spring and summer months.

There are a couple of places which are worth of visiting if you want to have a rest after shopping or walking through the city of Belgrade. Luxury cafés & bars, cafés on a theme, coffee and pastry shops or pubs can be found in this section of the café guide. Of course, the city has good cafes outside of these areas.

Cafés and bars in Strahinića Bana Street, locally known as "Silicon Valley", are the fanciest in Belgrade and people usually come here to see and to be seen, especially if you are owner of a smart car and wish to park it ostentatiously close to your chosen venue.

The second café zone, Obilićev Venac Street, is located between two very popular shopping malls in the city center and it is closed to the main pedestrian zone. If you don't like to be in a crowd then this might not be the place for you.

Njegoševa Street is lined with a series of fancy cafés and bars and it is an excellent place to stop for a drink after shopping. It is located between two shopping zones (Kralja Milana Street and Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra).

There is a good range of restaurants and cafés along the Zemun quay on the Danube. Its cozy restaurants and cafés, often with live music, offer a welcome respite during the colder months too. During the day they are restaurants and cafés and during the night they develop into clubs.

Belgrade Cocktail Bars

Belgrade Cocktail Bars

Cocktail Bars in Belgrade

Relax with a cocktail. Belgrade's bars offer an amazing array of delicious recipes. Take a look for some of our top recommendations.

Belgrade themed cafés, bars and pubs

Themed cafes and bars in Belgrade

Themed cafés in Belgrade

If you are feeling a little homesick or fancy an international evening out, take a look for Belgrade's nationality-themed cafés & bars.

Pastry and Cake Shops in Belgrade

Pastry and Cake Shops in Belgrade

Pastry Shops in Belgrade

Belgrade's pastry shops are notable for their tasty and luscious homemade pastries and cakes. Find out where to get the most delicious pastries and cakes in Belgrade.

Belgrade Luxury Cafés & Bars - Fancy Cafés in Belgrade

Belgrade Luxury Cafés and Bars

Luxury Cafés & Bars

These venues have shot to fame as the places to go in trendy Belgrade, where you rub shoulders with the stars and the beautiful people. Take a look at our guide to Belgrade's elite drinking spots.

Coffee Shops in Belgrade - Belgrade Coffee Houses

Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Coffee Shops in Belgrade

If you feel like a cup of coffee, the offer of chocolate and coffee beverage in Belgrade's coffee shops is very large and made to suit every possible taste.